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Filmmaker Terrell Lamont Returns to His Musical Roots with the Release of Hip-Hop Maxi Single

Updated: May 19, 2021

[Denver, CO — March 23, 2021]: Filmmaker Terrell Lamont returns to his musical roots after a decade-long hiatus, with the release of his comeback maxi single, From Nothin’. Despite this musical break, Lamont’s days were packed with other creative endeavors, including producing and directing a feature film, creating a TV series and starting his own production company. This ambitious and relentless pursuit of creativity is palpable in the classic hip-hop song “Made in the ‘80s”, and the root cause of his drive to create is documented in the track “From Nothin’.”


To Lamont, creating music and making movies feels like an extension of one another. “I love the art form of film, but it doesn’t feel complete without the music aspect.” Lamont continues, “It’s a way to express myself. Film can be restrictive in many ways and has a different approach for an indie artist — music is a little more free and less risk.” After years of identifying as a filmmaker, he decided to drop the rigid boundaries of artforms, referring to himself as a multi-hyphenate artist.

Creativity is often born from struggle, and Lamont’s strife is chronicled in the autobiographical song “From Nothin’.” Growing up as a person of color in a rough neighborhood without much money and being raised by a mother who struggled with addiction didn’t make for an easy childhood. Just after turning 18, Lamont found out that his kidneys would fail. He has been terminally ill and on dialysis for most of his adult life, finally receiving a kidney transplant this year. Despite these inequities, Lamont has made a name for himself in both the music and film industries, and he hopes his story will inspire others to follow their dreams.

Lamont sees the early 1990s as hip-hop’s golden era, his musical style pays homage to old school artists and the genre’s founding fathers. To him, hip-hop has gone through booms and busts ever since, and he feels that we’re in another lull, with a lot of content sounding too “branded.” The closing line of “Made in the ‘80s” sums up his viewpoint: “We grew up on drug dealer music. Y’all kids are growing up on drug-user music”. From Nothin’ pays respect to the past, while pushing the genre forward with a fresh and innovative sound.

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