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Despite COVID-19, gritHouse along with Impavid Entertainment forges ahead with smaller crews and Covid Testing to ensure safe sets. Creators Terrell Lamont and MJ Alhabeeb Jr brainstormed the series after the indefinite push of one of their own feature films. After a few years of development, they recently wrapped production after six weekends of filming.

Broke Boys is a dramedy about two friends fumbling through various hardships and obstacles as they pursue their dream to make their first feature film.

Tariq, (played by Rich Richardson) a black cinematographer with “baby mama drama” moonlighting as an Uber driver, struggles to balance the chaos of his life as he tries to provide for his son and pursue a career in film.

Ray, (played by Donny Blot) a film director of color also works as an Uber driver while his main goals in life are to get laid and make films. For him both are relentlessly elusive.

Logan, (played by Exzinia Scott) Tariq’s on again, off again girlfriend, she’s a loving “rock” in his corner who sees him for who he really is. Seemingly the perfect couple, but Tariq’s fears won’t allow himself to fully commit.

Set in the city, in a similar visual style and tone as the TV show “Atlanta”, “Broke Boys” will explore themes of racism, politics, poverty, and how far people are willing to go to achieve a dream.

This series will be humorous, emotional, ironic, thrilling and dramatic as we explore the messy and hilarious lives of our two main characters.

Left to Right: Justin Lewis, Rich Richardson, Donny Blot, Terrell Lamont, Heather Webb, Alicia Heinrich

Season 1 will be released in SPRING of 2022.

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